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The Mantra of Invigorating Lives

In this fast-paced world, people lack coherence between their minds and their bodies. Stresses are building up, leading to people making bad decisions. They are inflicting harm to both their bodies and minds. Is it possible then that with the right guidance and information can people transform their lives? Can they become positive and lead a happy life?

Invigorating Lives is born out of this thought. It is not the lack of information but the lack of perspective harming today’s world. People may read along tonnes of information about lifestyle, health & fitness and spirituality to uplift their lives. Yet, they falter at achieving results. At Invigorating Lives, I will try to bring a new perspective about lifestyle issues, health & fitness challenges, and spiritual well-being. The aim is to generate a positive impact on people’s lives by sharing my understanding of things.



To provide an alternate perspective that will create an impact on reader’s life.


To become a trustworthy space in the field of body, mind and spiritual positivity.


To help enhance the quality of lives of everyone and to touch as many lives as possible through my blogs.

What I do

I Share Blogs On The Three Pillars That Invigorates Lives



The good, the bad, and the ugly side of lifestyles. Know here about how to improve or change your lifestyle for a happier self.


Health & Fitness

There is more to health and fitness than the commercial content that we consume. Find out here how to genuinely improve your health & fitness.



Is it the meaning of life? Or the purpose of life? Or is it getting closer to god? What is spirituality? What does it mean to you? Find out what and how of spirituality here. 

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I am open to your requests and suggestions for the blog. After all, collaborating is one of the foundations for a happier life.