Forgiveness- Manure to Your Soul Growth

Forgiveness the word seems easy to spell and write, how is easy is it to implement and important is it in our lives?
Has someone forgiven you, or have you forgiven someone so far in your lives?
As someone in my early 20s, I found it hard to forgive people who stepped onto my soul, not because I have never forgiven, but because the mental turmoil took over everything else. Every time I couldn’t do that, I would share it with my parents to understand if Forgiveness was easy and necessary. And they would help me with logical reasoning so that I could move on and let go of things. However, as I grew in maturity, I realized the importance of Forgiveness and its process and practice.

“Forgiveness is a gift you give yourself”- Suzanne Somers

Let’s discuss why is it important and how can we practice it?
It Sets you free: Whenever I have tried to hold to any situation or a person that has caused me immense pain, I have felt a sense of heaviness in my head and heart. In the head, there is a constant thought about the trauma and the heart because it pains. But every time I forgive and let it go, I feel like a bird that has just been free from the cage. Therefore, it is essential to practice Forgiveness in your everyday life.
Empowers you mentally, physically, and soulfully: Have you ever observed the breathing pattern when you carry on with your negative emotions? Yes, if you are unaware or have never noticed before, try noticing next time. You breathe faster, and they are shallow. There’s some neuroscience behind the breathing pattern and emotions. I’ll write about them in detail in my next blog. Unable to forgive, keeping the negative emotions bottled up adversely affects your mental health and physical health. When you let go of the negative emotions or forgive, you feel joyful, hollow and empty from deep within. This enhances your life not just in terms of mental and physical health but also spiritually.
Let’s kiss goodbye to victimhood: It is quite human nature to feel pained and oppressed when we have been wronged. It is normal to take your time to come out of such pain, but not right to carry on the victimhood forever, which is detrimental to our mental health. You may forgive the person who did wrong to you but can be firm on not allowing them to step into your territory. I personally follow the formula of forgive but not forget (the situation) because the moment I forget the situation, I might unknowingly allow the same pattern to repeat. Stop the blame game and look what’s in for me. It won’t happen immediately; give it some time and consciously think over and accept it as an experience. The most important part is not blaming yourself at any time; it is an experience, that’s it! Don’t forget Forgiveness starts with forgiving ourselves, so forgive yourself as well.
This is a choice that you will be making for living a blissful life with overall well-being.
Sets you on a spiritual path: I have always believed that the first step in the spiritual path is to forgive. Forgiveness is embracing compassion; you are able to empathize with others behavior and ready to let go of past events. The mere thought of being ready to forgive brings in so much fullness into your life. Forgiveness is indeed a path towards spiritual awakening and peace.
When we talk of Forgiveness, we think we are being large-hearted by forgiving others; yes, you are! But, have you ever wondered and questioned yourself, are you doing this favour to others or favouring yourself?
Well! It is a huge favour we are doing to ourselves. We are regaining the lost peace. At the end of the day, what do we look for in life? Happiness and peace, right?

Let’s now find ways to practice Forgiveness.

Forgiveness is a practice the same as bathing and cleansing your body. Here you are cleansing your soul. Forgiveness does not happen overnight; it is a process until you master the art. In the beginning, you will have to follow a certain SOP to do it.
Write down your emotions: Trust me, it works wonder no matter at what stage of life you are in. I’m not writing it here just for the blog’s sake; this is one thing that I have been practicing right from my teens. You can keep a daily journal if you want to and start pouring what on a particular day made you glad and what made you sad or angry. I did maintain a journal in the early days. However, now I recall the day situation in my mind and easily let go of it without holding on to a grudge or negative emotions.
Sit back and Reflect: Once you have done all the jotting down part, relax, sit quietly and think. Is it necessary to hold the grudge? Is it going to help me in anyway? No! then why waste time over it.
Reconnect with Yourself: We are often surrounded by situations and negative events, and in turn, we get into the web of small-mindedness. As a result, we forget who we are and get caught in the vicious circle of grudges and hate. As our mobile phones need to be reconnected to the plug point to get the power to operate, we, too, need to recharge and reconnect with our higher self to unleash the power within us. The simplest way to reconnect with your higher self is to meditate, which helps control your emotions through breathwork. There are several guided meditations available on the internet; you can use any of them. However, I would personally suggest it would be a lifetime investment if you can learn it from a guru or a spiritual master in your area or online.
Embrace Gratefulness and Crush the Displeasure: Reconnecting with your higher self evolves you emotionally and relieves you of all the displeasure or resentment you have been holding without forgiving. Count your blessings, feel the abundance and be grateful about everything, even the negative situations, because they are your experiences.
The above ways to forgive and practice Forgiveness will make your life easier and happy. Further, if any similar situation arises in the future, instead of displeasure, you will seek blessings and wisdom for people who hurt you. When you change the way you look at the world, everything changes around you.
In the end, what matters is just your ‘peace of mind and mind over matters.

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