about Me

Geethapriya Iyer

After trying her hand at many things, Geethapriya Iyer has found her calling in writing. She turned her passion into her profession and has been providing excellent writing services for the past 14 years.
As a corporate coach with six years of experience, Geethapriya has made a mark on the corporate world. She had trained many executives and entrepreneurs to become successful.
When she is not busy writing and coaching, Geethapriya takes up the role of a social activist. She is working towards uplifting the lives of many in ways that are possible to her. Geethapriya is compassionate and made it her Ikigai to help people.
As she is vocal about many social issues, so is criticism towards her. She fearlessly defends her views. With an indomitable spirit, she fights back trolls and critics while at the same time honoring constructive criticism.
Geetha vocally advocates women’s empowerment and is a beacon of hope for many young women. She is the epitome of a modern-day independent woman.
All this success didn’t come to her easily. Geetha had to overcome personal and professional hardships to achieve what she has achieved today. With her iron will, she quietened the naysayers and achieved something impossible for many.
Geethapriya is a recipient of the Women Excellence Award, World Book of Records award, and many more accolades. The awards and accolades show that she is on the right path.
What’s more, Geethapriya is the director of the NGO Pratiti Welfare Foundation. Through the NGO, she is channeling her philanthropic and compassionate energy to help people in need.