Geethapriya Iyer

Geethapriya is a certified trainer, coach, mind map practitioner, creative thinker.
In the age of online coaching, where anyone can claim to be a coach, Geethapriya is a coach with a difference. Her coaching comes straight from her experience of life. It was a roller coaster ride.
She is an authenticity and spiritual mindset coach who proves herself to be different from others in the coaching world. With her coaching, She brings out an individual’s authentic self through mental fortitude and holistic healing. This, she does through the learnings she received from life.
The hardships she faced both physically and mentally gave her the spirit and strength to toughen her mind. She brought out the best in her and proved to the world that no matter the circumstances if you can channel your inner self, you can come out stronger and face any challenge in life. It is this experience Geethapriya is sharing through her coaching classes. Moreover, being an ethical practitioner, Geethapriya desists from providing false hope in the name of coaching.